I like cycling. I love the sense freedom it gives. Ever since I was 14 years old, I would wander off on my bike for hours on end in search for adventure and discovering new things.

One day I came across a house that had writing on its walls. It was not Dutch. I stood and looked. A man said it was written by the liberators back in 1944. He laid the whole story on me: soldiers, tanks, and heavy guns. I was fascinated. Years later, my dad showed me pictures of himself as a one year old puffy baby sitting on the hood of an allied truck riding through Aalst-Waalre. That was it. The seed that was planted began to sprout.

Bart Verhulst cycling Market Garden
Me riding near Heeswijk-Dinther castle,
a mistaken drop zone.
My dad on the hood of a liberator's vehicle. September 1944, Aalst.

Today I have ridden the full Market Garden route -and sometimes just parts of it- many times. I have seen many of the locations and learned much about its history. You can be assured that as long as I can ride my bike, I will set off from Bourg -Léopold every September 17 for years to come. 

I am sure there are like-minded folks with a love for cycling and an interest in the historical route that Hell's Highway has become. And for those folks that fit this description, I have launched this small website with some of the route variations I have cycled myself. I hope it inspires you to ride this part of the Liberation Route!

If you have any questions about the Market Garden bike routes, want to share your experiences on Hell's Highway... feel free to drop me an email at lambertverhulst @ gmail.com. If you want to stay up to date on any developments and/or new routes, subscribe to the newsletter.

Wishing you safe and happy miles!