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Battlefield Guides

Below are some links to experienced and professional battlefield guides that have specialised themselves in Operation Market Garden. Their services could be a great way to enrich your cycling tour along Hell's Highway.

Please note: has no vested interest in any of these organisations. These are just kind suggestions.

 Joris Nieuwint runs The Battlefield Explorer since 2012. A former resident of Arnhem and now a fourteen years resident of Veghel, he practically lives on the route of Operation Market Garden. Joris is an accredited member of the International Guild of Battlefield Guides (badge 112). Besides his professionally led tours, he also has great content on his YouTube channel.


 Joël Stoppels is a battlefield guide and founder of Battlefield Tours in the Netherlands. He did research in different allied operations during the Second World War in Holland and is now an expert. By means of the Battlefield Tours he shares his knowledge with other people who are interested in the Second World War. Joël is member of the International Guild of Battlefield Guides (badge 70).


The battle to liberate Holland was so severe and heavy, it took so many lives, that it should not be forgotten.”

In the summer of 2012, Joël started with guided tours under the name ‘Battlefield Tours Groningen’.  The young historian has a mission: he believes it is very important to keep the memories of the war alive. Every year there are less people who actually experienced the war. Young people should be aware that freedom is the most important condition for individuals and for a country. It can be lost very quickly, but you do not get it back easily. In the Second World War soldiers from other countries helped us, they did fight for our freedom and many died for it. Let us never forget and be grateful that we live in freedom in this country until today.  

If you a re a professional Battlefield Guide and feel you should be mentioned on this page, please contact me.


Liberation Route Europe

Major and Mrs Holt's Battle Map of Market Garden

I am a big fan of this illustrated map and I used it to plan my first ever attempt at cycling the OMG route. The authors -Tonie and Valmai Holt-  founded Major and Mrs Holt's Battlefield Tours in the 1970's and published their first battlefield book in 1977. Soon after, they provided larger scale full colour battlefield maps to accompany the books. The Battle Map of Market Garden accurately locates memorials, museums, cemeteries, and other places where particular actions took place. However, I do suggest the use of the above two websites to locate more points of interest and interactive media.