Hell's Highway 180 km

The more traditional Hell's Highway route - 180 km

This 180 km route starts in Leopoldsburg (Bourg-Léopold, Belgium) where Horrocks' XXX Corps was stationed, and ends on the Airboneplein in Arnhem. The route is carefully designed to pass along some of the main points of interest of Operation Market Garden. From the city centre of Leopoldsburg, it takes the rider to the border crossing at Lommel, and then on to Valkenswaard, Eindhoven, Son, Sint-Oedenrode, Veghel, Zeeland, Grave, Nijmegen, Driel, with a final westerly approach over the dykes of the Nederrijn towards Arnhem. If you have to choose one of the variations on this website, see this as the 'cover-all-bases-option'.

In effect, the first 100 km are the same as the HH 195 route. So... if still feeling strong at Zeeland, and pending wind directions (for the approach over the dykes to Arnhem), you can reroute to the longer route.

Market Garden Hell's Highway Joe's Bridge
Joe's Bridge in Lommel @ 30.8 km.
Market Garden Hell's Highway XXX Corps
Border crossing into the Netherlands @ 34.1 km.
Market Garden Hell's Highway route 180

Route details

Route length: 180 kilometres / 112 miles

Elevation gain: 399 metres

Grading: A moderate cyclist should be able to enjoy this route. However, the average speed is slowed down due to landmark visits. Expect a minimum of 8 hours on the saddle, excluding breaks. Including lunch and stops, this can take up to 12 hours.


In the vicinity of Eindhoven.
Market Garden Hell's Highway Freedom Museum Groesbeek
Freedom Museum in Groesbeek @ 136.5 km.

Route markers & cues

Below is an indication of the main points of interest you will find exactly along the route. The indicated km is a fairly accurate indication, but can vary a little. Especially if you deviate from the route. That is why most POI's also are also hyperlinked and state a town name. There are many POI's on this route. Stopping at each one will probably make the trip take too long. Therefore, you will have to be a little selective. The ones marked with a are recommended. This website was made with Google Sites; external hyperlinks are checked for malware destinations by Google and therefore might take a fraction longer to load. 

020.5 > German Military Cemetery, Lommel

030.8 > Joe’s Bridge, Lommel |SoundCloud Audio ▶️

034.1 > BE/NL Border, Lommel | SoundCloud Audio ▶️

039.1 > Liberation Memorial Borkel en Schaft | SoundCloud Audio ▶️

039.6 > Valkenswaard War Cemetery, Valkenswaard

042.9 > Victorie Brug; The first of many Market Garden bridges.
The Irish Guards 1st Battalion, The Dorsetshire Regiment, reached it on September 17, 1944 at 16.30.

044.6 > LRM#105, Valkenswaard | SoundCloud Audio ▶️

050.7 > LRM#106, Aalst-Waalre |SoundCloud Audio ▶️

056.0 > Eindhoven | SoundCloud Audio ▶️  The Sept 19, 1944  bombing
056.0 > Eindhoven | SoundCloud Audio ▶️  A paratrooper in Eindhoven
056.0 > Eindhoven | SoundCloud Audio ▶️ A tragic mistake
056.0 > Eindhoven | SoundCloud Audio ▶️ Snipers & guns

061.9 > 101 Airborne monument, Eindhoven

064.7 > De Sonsebrug over the Wilhelminakanaal, Son | SoundCloud Audio ▶️

067.8 > Former US Military Cemetery, Son (sandy lane).

077.1 > LRM#114 - Hell's Highway | SoundCloud Audio ▶️

078.6 > Vlagheide Drop Zone A, Schijndel (short gravel path)

079.5 > Spitfire Memorial, Eerde

082.0 > WWII monument & Antonius Abt, Eerde | SoundCloud Audio ▶️

085.8 > Kangaroo monument, Veghel | SoundCloud Audio ▶️

094.9 > Uden War Cemetery, Uden

100.5 > LRM#125, Zeeland | SoundCloud Audio ▶️


110.9 > Memorial 82nd Airborne Division, Grave

110.9 > J.S. Thompson Bridge, Grave | SoundCloud Audio ▶️

117.6 > LRM#2 (Drop Zone O) & Memorial 82nd Airborne Division | SoundCloud Audio ▶️

119.2 > LRM#3, Overasselt (Joséphine Baker performed here)

124.7 > The Molenhook bridge, a.k.a. Bridge Number 7 | SoundCloud Audio ▶️

128.9 > Museum Remember September 1944, Mook

129.4 > Mook War Cemetery, Mook | SoundCloud Audio ▶️

133.0 > Waco Glider, Groesbeek | SoundCloud Audio ▶️

135.5 > Groesbeek Station | SoundCloud Audio ▶️

136.5 > Freedom Museum, Groesbeek

138.0 > Memorial 508th / 82nd Airborne Division and Operation Veritable, Groesbeek

151.6 > Memorial Waalcrossing at Nijmegen, Nijmegen

157.4 > Memorial US 101st Airborne Division, Slijk, Ewijk

173.5 > Memorial Royal Engineers and Royal Canadian Engineers, Driel

174.8 > @ Bridge | SoundCloud Audio ▶️

179.5 > John Frost Bridge | SoundCloud Audio ▶️

180.4 > Airborneplein, Arnhem - END

All SoundCloud soundtrack links are from Liberation Route Europe.

All the location discoveries are from TracesOfWar.

If you stay the night in Arnhem, there is always the option of a local Bridge too Far ride. An option is the Arnhem Airborne Cycle Route.