Market Garden cycling routes

Cycling Operation Market Garden

The 135 to 220 km (83 - 137 miles) Market Garden bicycle routes are designed as one day rides at moderate pace. The estimated time for a cyclist with average stamina (incl. short stops at sites and a lunch break) is between 9 and 14 hours.

However, Operation Market Garden itself did not turn out to be a one day affair. It took the Allied forces more than a few days to 'complete'. Eventually never reaching Arnhem as intended. Market Garden dates are recorded as September 17 to 25, 1944. Therefore, it is also possible to split the routes up into two or three day rides at a more leisurely pace.

GPX and historical markers

All these routes set off from Leopoldsburg in Belgium and end at Arnhem's Airborneplein, just over the infamous John Frost Bridge. Each route is well described and is foreseen of detailed historical markers and cues so the rider is aware when closing in on an historical site. Additionally, all points of interest are foreseen with links to background information and podcasts.