80th Anniversary

-- Operation Market Garden 1944 - 2024 --

80 years Hell's Highway

September 17, 2024, will mark the 80th anniversary of Operation Market Garden, and so also Hell's Highway. Expectations for this occasion are big as not many veterans that witnessed the operation remain with us.

In order not to forget this historical moment and the lives lost, 2022 is expected to be well celebrated. Just as in 2019 (75th anniversary), the route will be fully reenacted with a parade of historical WWII vehicles. Liaison organisations, collectors, local organisers, armed forces, police, and governments are already planning for this significant commemorative event. For an impression of 2019, watch the video below.

Without a doubt the roads will be busy with vehicles, reenactors, and spectators. Depending on the date, time, and place for the different commemorative events and main parade, marketgarden.cc will make suggestions for a route that provides both a safe passage for cyclists, whilst sticking as much as possible to the full experience.

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